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True 3in Exhaust

We have just released our 3in catback for the Optima and Sonata platform. We know a lot of people want performance so we didn't want to taper down at the rear of the exhaust as well as saving weight by changing the location of the mufflers in the system. A lot of systems on the market taper down to 2.5 or 2.25 sections in the rear.

Back Purged and made with polished T304 stainless this exhaust is made to last. We also have options for customers to add Cerakote to their exhaust for superior protection and heat management . With a heat tolerance of up to 1800 deg.

The system can be made in dual exit or single exit design. We have no issue with customization for customers. Just please note the desired configuration in the checkout and we will get back to you with a time frame for completing your desired exhaust.

Next things to tackle in the coming weeks will be the big turbo kit and wg mod options for the newer models. Stay tuned

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