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New Products

With the common issues of the Theta II engine, I have decided to offer some more services for customers. We have now expanded our engine program to include the 2.0L, 2.4L, and 1.6L line of engines that Kia/Hyundai offers. Short block or full long block builds available as well as porting, and head work to maximize your power and reliability. Have your engine pulled and rebuilt in-house or ship us your engine to have us machine and rebuild to your specs! we have a 700whp package and a bulletproof package available. Each engine comes with a blueprint sheet giving you all the specs for your specific engine. These specs contain measurements for the main and rod journals, pistons ring gap, piston to wall clearance, and bearing clearance. Engine builds only use OEM gaskets for the rebuild.

We have also started offering our stuffed turbo options for the 2016+ Kia optima and sonata platform to maximize the power you can make on a stock frame turbo. These can be made without a core to eliminate downtime if you're just looking for an upgrade.

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