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GDI Performance theta II

2.4L owners have been told for a while that there are no options when building. Now there are tuning, and bolt on options available for them. Below are the KSR Spec Pistons that are available for the 2.0L and 2.4L Bore size and compression ratio can be changed to the buyers specs. With features like Armor Plating, Coated Piston Skirts, Upgraded Wrist Pins and HD forgings. These pistons are capable of handling 1000whp. Big turbo, and nitrous applications are not an issue.

To get rid of some of the issues that plague the theta II platform we have taken the stock pistons and redesigned them for longevity and maximum power. Improved ringland, and strutted design ensures that you will not face the dreaded ringland problem with proper tuning.

This coupled with our block reinforcement will net you indestructible bottom end for years of enjoyment.

For further information please email me on our IG, FB, or contact page.

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