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Sonata N line development

We are happy to have the first full exhaust system for the N line model. Full T304 stainless construction as well full 3in throughout. We focused on the exhaust first for this model as the intercooler piping and intercooler require special clamps that aren't readily available on the market. Same with the quick disconnects for the intake lines as well. Here are some sound clips of the exhaust in the different configurations.

When doing our R&D we found that the mid-pipe implemented on the car does a great job at drowning out any additional sound. So if the aggressive sound is what you are looking for I would highly recommend getting at least the mid-pipe with the catback to help get the sound you are looking for.

Every part of the exhaust system is made In jigs we formed using the stock components. This ensures a great fitment even when piecing the system together. This item is available now for purchase.

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