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Powder coat pricing

*Price does not include stripping or sandblasting

Part DescriptionPrice starting at:

A-Arm$30.00-$50.00 each (depending on size)

Air Intake Piping$1.00 per inch

Air Cleaner Base$30.00-$40.00

Air Cleaner Lid$20.00-$25.00

Battery Box$30.00-$40.00

Battery Tray$20.00-$30.00

Bead Lock Rings$20.00-$25.00 Each

Bell Housing$65.00-$75.00

Bolt Head (taped threads)$2.00 Each

BracketsSmall $15.00
Medium $20.00
Large $25.00

Brake Caliper (single pc.)$40.00-$50.00 each (depending on the number of pistons)

Brake Caliper (2 pc.)$50.00-$60.00 each (depending on the number of pistons)

Brake Caliper Bracket$20.00 each

Brake Backing Plate$25.00-$30.00 each

Brake Drum$45.00-$50.00 each

Bumpers$175.00-$250.00 (large off-road bumpers are $250+)


Coil Spring$35.00-$45.00 Each (lifted suspension coil springs start at $50 each)

Control Arm$30.00-$50.00 each


Differential Cover$25.00-$35.00

Drive Shaft$60.00-$75.00

*Exhaust ManifoldPlease See Ceramic Coating Section


Fan shroud$65.00-$75.00

Frame (full car frame up to 15')$900.00-$1200.00

Fuel Tank$160.00-$180.00

Fuel Cell$65.00-$85.00 (depending on size)

Fuel Rail$30.00-$40.00

*HeadersPlease See Ceramic Coating Section

Headlight Buckets$40.00 Per Pair

Headlight Ring$25.00 Per Pair

*Heat Shield- CeramicPlease See Ceramic Coating Section

HitchFull Size Trailer Hitch- $100.00-$150.00

Hood Hinges$40.00-$50.00 Each

Hood Latch- Bottom$25.00-$35.00

Hood Latch- Top$15.00-$25.00

Hub Cap (metal)$25.00 Each

Hubs$30.00-$40.00 Each

Inner Fenders / Wheel Wells$80.00-$100.00 Each

Intake Manifold4 - 6 - 8 Cylinder $125.00 - $150.00

Intercooler (our heat transfer coating works better at dissipating heat)$75.00-150.00 (depending on size & thickness- Side Mount or Front Mount)

Intercooler Piping$1 per inch

Leaf Springs (must be disassembled)Less than 24" Long- $25.00-$30.00 each

More than 24" Long- $40.00-$45.00 each

License Plate Frame$25.00

Lug Nuts$2.00 Each

*o2 housing in CeramicPlease See Ceramic Coating Section

Oil pan$65.00-$85.00 (depending on size)

PlowBlade Only- $250.00-$350.00

Complete Assembly- $450.00-$550.00

PulleyUnder 4" Diameter $25.00
Over 4" Diameter $30.00

Radiator Support$140.00-$160.00

Rear HousingFull Size $200.00-$300.00
Narrowed $150.00-$175.00 (Pricing depends on how clean interior is of gear oil)

Roll Bar / Cage$100.00-$300.00 (Many styles available)

Running Boards$100.00-$150.00 Each

Snow Plow (must be disassembled)Blade Only- $250.00-$350.00

Complete Assembly- $450.00-$550.00

Subframe$100.00-$200.00 (import style)
$300.00-$350.00 (domestic classic car style)

Springs$35.00-45.00 Each (lifted suspension coil springs start at $50 each)

Strut bar upper (only middle section if ends come off)$40.00-$50.00

Strut bar upper (ends included as 1 full bar)$60.00-$70.00

Strut bar lower (only middle section if ends come off)$35.00-$45.00

Strut bar lower (ends included as 1 full bar)$50.00-$60.00

Strut bar ends$20.00 each

Sway bar$75.00-$85.00

Timing Cover$35.00-$75.00 (depending on size)

Tow Hooks$25.00-$35.00 each

Trailer HitchFull Size Trailer Hitch- $100.00-$150.00

Transmission Housing (Bare Case)$160.00-$175.00

Transmission Pan$40.00-$60.00

Turbo Compressor Housing-Inlet$50.00-$60.00 (depending on size)

*Turbo Turbine Housing- Outlet in CeramicPlease See Ceramic Coating Section

Valve Cover4 Cylinder $65.00
Inline 6 Cylinder $75.00
V-6 Cylinder $85.00-$95.00 pair
V-8 Cylinder $90.00-110.00 pair
Polished Lettering Add $20.00-$30.00.

Washer$1.00 Each

Water Neck$10.00-$15.00

Water Pump (must remove bearings inside)$45.00- $55.00

Wheelie Bars$80.00-$120.00

Windsheild Wiper Arms$40.00 Pair

Add an anti-corrosive primer treatment as a base coat for $25 per wheel.
Add a clear top coat for extra protection for $25 per wheel.

NOTE: We do not have the capability to remove tires from wheels or store vehicles at our facility. We would certainly be happy to recommend a shop that can handle this service for you because we work very closely with them on a weekly basis. Give us a call for more information.Call for larger sizes
23" to 26" $155.00 Each
21" to 22" $145.00 Each
18" to 20" $135.00 Each
15" to 17" $125.00 Each
Up to 14" $60.00-$75.00 Each

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