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Turbo manifold option for 2.0L and 2.4L Kia Optima and Sonata.


The log manifold would do great for a majority of applications as its a quick spooling option for cars wanting to produce around 500whp.

500+Equal length design is recommended.

-Schedule 10 t304 stainless construction for strength and longevity

-Back purged

-1.5" runner diameter for excellent flow characteristics-backed by our weld guarantee and warranty

-Kit utilizes an internally gated turbo and boost controller

If not in stock the log manifold takes about a week.


Kit includes:

Comp turbo of your choice with internal wastegate reccomended (58-62mm)

Log manifold 

Turbo inlet gasket


Oil lines feed and return (oil cooled turbo no water lines. Stock lines looped)

Turbo Guard 


If going with the CT3 5858 the KSR or stock intercooler piping should bolt right up. If going with a CT4 unit slight modification might be needed depending on piping used.



Tune not included

2013 K5/YF Budget turbo kit

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