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The first 3in exhaust system for the KIA Stinger V6 TT is now available for pre-order. The system uses full T304 stainless steel  with vband connections after the primary cat flange and has many options available to accomodate the sound you are looking for.  Also for those wanting to remove their rear diffuser parts, bolt on tips can be added to this system. the muffler exits are dual 2.5"

system is full 3in after the expander to bolt to primary cats. (2.5" to 3" transition)


Straight piped


Resonated and straight through muffler 

Resonated and chambered muffler 

Chambered muffler

straight through muffler

All of our resonator and muffler options as well as material other than chambered will be stainless bros products. (T304materials)

The exhaust has a limited lifetime warranty on welds for the original purchaser of the exhaust details about warranty information can be found on our warranty page. Expected pre order is set to ship in a month from purchase. Customers will be notified of the progress. 


NOTE Additional resonator chamber for rear end and valved version will be available later this year and will just be a swap of the rear muffler section for customer who want to upgrade.

Stinger TT V6 race exhaust (secondary cat delete included)

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