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The tuning process requires a laptop, tactrix cable, and pcm flash to upload the tune. Base tune is set for 22-23 psi *videos are at above rated psi Available in 93oct configuration(methanol tune will be +$200)custom tuning available upon request.

Tune/ WG mod features:

-Boost is adjustable via replaceable springs or boost controller

-Better boost response

-Better target AFRs

-Better ignition timing

-Better throttle response

-Increased Torque Limiter

-Self compensating for future bolt ons

-Reduced Idle RPM-Brake boost ability

-Increased Rev Limiter

-Standing and rolling Brake boosting

Internal WG Mod and Tune

  • Federal and many state laws prohibit the removal, modification or rendering inoperative any part that affects emissions on motor vehicles used on public roads. Many aftermarket parts and services are intended and designed for track and off-road use only. KSR Performance will not and cannot be held responsible for the customers decision to modify a car that was not designed to make more power than factory specifications.

  • The tune may only be returned if it has not been loaded to the vehicle. If a return is required you will be refunded the full amount minus paypal fees and shipping costs.

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