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We have the billet wheels available for purchase or we can ship you out a whole new unit ready to go.


Stuffed turbo package includes:

-Super 20T compressor wheel upgrade or KSR Stuffed turbo.(10 blade or 6+6 configurations available)
-ultrasonic cleaning
-machining of compressor housing.

-Largest possible wheel you can fit into the stock housing. 
-Upgraded thrust bearing to handle more abuse


These units will outflow your stock one. Tuning recommended*
When used with our waste gate mod this turbo can hit 400+ with wmi.

If ordering just the stuffed turbo option please put the wheel configuration in the purchase notes.

(Stock turbo core needed*)
We have units to build to limit down time. However we will have to recieve the core before shipping out the new unit.*

KSR Stuffed turbo options

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